SeaHaven Pontoon Fingers

The SeaHaven is a classic floating pontoon system with an enviable reputation for durability. It can be relied upon to provide a safe haven for leisure and commercial craft in almost any location. Evolved over 35 years to cope with the demanding conditions of the North Atlantic, these pontoons are trusted by specifiers, designers and users alike.  Using a combination of heavy duty steel sections, in an all-welded construction, gives the finished unit superb stability and torsional strength. 

Each float is fully interchangeable and polystyrene filled. They are of a heavy duty construction; rotationally moulded to provide the necessary buoyancy whilst remaining resistant to impact damage, frost and long term decay such as spalling found on concrete floats. Access for repairs and maintenance is simply gained by removing the decking sections from above. Just four securing bolts releases each float for exchange or inspection.

The pontoon fingers utilise the same high quality components and design as used on the pontoons. Radiused end geometry softens the entry to each berth eliminating damaging harsh corners. Whilst the shoreward end flares toward the junction with the pontoons, strengthens the connection and provides pedestrians with generous wide lead-in to each finger.

Standard, lengths are 6, 8 10 12m, with a width of 1m. Other sizes can be achieved and special angles can be manufactured to fit individual layouts. All Pontoon Fingers are joined to pontoons via heavy block and bolt connections. They can be optimally positioned to deliver precise, individual berthing requirements.

Technical: (Standard Model)

Design Loads

• 1 kN/m2 applied

• UDL as standard, higher loadings are available

• YHA Code of Practice, 7th Edition & Current ISO Standards for Steelwork

• Freeboard; 550mm (nominal unloaded), Adjustable with float configurations

• Draft: 380mm (nominal)

Framework: Completely welded fabrication consisting of channel and hollow structural steel sections.


• UV stabilised polyethylene floats highly resistant to oil & chemicals

• Roto-moulded and filled with solidified polystyrene.

• Optimal buoyancy trim through selection of; 550mm, 650mm & 750mm depths.

Decking: Mini-Mesh GRP (standard), optional Composite, Softwood/Hardwood or Concrete available


• Choice of PVC, rubber or timber. Wide range of profiles accommodated

• Corrosion protection: All mild steel components hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461

Mooring Cleats: Cast aluminium with stainless steel through bolts

Inter-connection: M24 Nut & Bolt with Rubber Block (4 No Per pontoon connection)

Finger attachment: Rubber block & bolt. Infinitely variable positioning relative to pontoon