Commercial Berthing

Gael Force manufactures bespoke pontoons, access gangways, and walkways for commercial settings to meet the individual and specific needs of each client installation. We are uniquely placed, with an in-house Moorings division which means we can offer the complete package of design, build, installation, and mooring services.

See below for further information on each aspect of these services:


  • In-House Marine Engineering and Design Team
  • 3D CAD Modelling (Solidworks)
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Technology and Prototype Development
  • Bespoke Site Planning


  • 2 Fully Equipped Sites
  • Quayside Facilities
  • Steel and Concrete Fabrication
  • Electrical Engineering


  • Experienced Project Management
  • Piled and Chained Mooring Solutions
  • Welding and Concrete Services
  • Service Bollards (Electric, Water and Fuel)
  • Security Fencing and Gates