Quality Accreditation


Gael Force Group Ltd see quality in operational activity and the management of arising environmental, health and safety and security issues as a primary responsibility and will continually set business targets with this in mind.

We have NQA ISO 9001:2015 certification for the following activities:

  • Gael Force Marine Equipment Ltd: Sale of marine equipment and the Design and Manufacture of Mooring Systems. 
  • Gael Force Engineering Ltd: Design and Manufacture of Floating Concrete and other Steel Structures, and the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Marina Pontoons.  General Engineers and Fabricators.

Going forward it is our intention to incorporate all Gael Force Group activities into the scope of our accreditation. The management team at Gael Force have responsibility for defining Quality Management policy and strategy with a commitment to train and develop all personnel to enable the organisation to meet its business objectives whilst delivering a consistently high level of service to customers. A focus on current and potential customer requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements, is at the forefront of our Quality Management programme and an awareness culture relating to quality, environmental, occupational health & safety and security issues is fostered and maintained throughout the Group.